Super Staff Con
October 19th
San Antonio // 2018

Develop amazing connections with your career, your patients, and your practice.


About #SSC2018

Everything flows through the people that work in the dental practice. Your reputation, your patients, your money…everything.

Recognizing this, our 2018 conference focuses on the connections dental professionals have with the practice, the patients, and their career in dentistry. 

There’s never been a conference like this for dental staff and we’re excited to have you attend this year’s event!

The Amazing Speakers
for #SSC2018

Cary Smith, CPHRM
Done Desk / Dentist Secure

Cary is the leading risk advisor, lecturer, and compliance consultant in Texas with hundreds of dentistry clients under management.

Paola Romero, RDH
GUIA Practice Management

Leader, hygienist, manager. Paola has years of diverse dentistry experience that’s focused on patient outcomes and operational effectiveness

Catalina Wandless
Diamond Dental Education

The original Dental Diva and RDH, Catalina’s experience is vast and her reputation as a relationship-creator is well known around these parts.

Max Kerr, DDS
Vista Ridge Family Dental

Dentist, Dad, Philosopher. Dr. Kerr’s thoughts on dentistry’s future are refreshing and tilt common perceptions on end.

Lisa Dowst-Mayo
Diamond Dental Education

San Antonio’s premier educator of new dental professionals. Lisa educates, lectures, teaches and creates innovative CE courses for staff.

Cortni Cioni
Shipp Family Dental

Cortni runs a tight ship over at Shipp Family Dental. She’s the fuel that drives the practice to higher results.

Daphne Klebba
Patterson Dental

A consummate dental professional that dentists trust for advice and help. Daphne has quickly built a reputation as an influencer in the dental space.

Annah Garcia
Care Credit

Annah focuses her expertise and service for the benefit of the dental professional and  patients across Texas.


7 Speakers, 5 Hours, 5 CE, and PANCAKES!

I can't wait for #SSC2018. There are very few conferences for staff level professionals that focus on development. It's also refreshing to have a conference that's innovative, fresh, and not the same rehash of old concepts.
Stephanie Brown, RDA
Dental Assistant

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